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February 14, 2005


About Nikolaj Nyholm

nikolajnyholm.jpgI was born in New Delhi and raised on five continents in New Delhi, Copenhagen, Nairobi, Los Angeles and San José, Costa Rica. I live in Copenhagen with my wife and two three children.

I currently serve as CEO of Polar Rose, a Malmö (Sweden) based startup.

Trained as an economist, my background is as an entrepreneur, co-founding several startups picking at the loose ends of topics ranging from DNS to identity to Wi-Fi to geo-presence (Ascio Technologies, Speednames, Organic Network, and Imity).
Most recently I was European Conference Program Chair for O'Reilly Media, Inc, co-chairing EuroOSCON (Brussels, September '06) and CustomerMade and working on helping bridge European open source and emerging tech communities across geographic and cultural boundaries.

I channel a lot of my creative energy into Wheatpaste, a collective of four friends with diverse backgrounds releasing novel web concepts, as well as being involved in a range of community efforts, from co-organizer of the annual reboot conference, to serving as advisor, board member or investor in IT and biotech startups.

You can contact me at nikolaj [a t] nyholm.net, or Skype nikolajn.

ps. I blog (slightly) more frequently over at the O'Reilly Radar.

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Posted by Nikolaj Nyholm at February 14, 2005 02:01 PM

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