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February 14, 2005


While I might well have chosen the same words as when I first hit MovableType's publish back in January 2002, it is a vastly different space that I am returning to. Weblogging has gone beyond personal publishing and is now a standard tool for anything from teenagers gossiping to personal branding to talkheads podcasting, and - amid it's continued mockery of the medium - mainstream media has slowly been noticing.
Yet one thing has not changed; blogging and its derivative forms are the most candid and direct ways to communicate and it is this which draws me back.

I'm returning to public blogspace for the first time since killing the otherwise well-attested Digital Identity weblog sometime in mid 2003. Blogging digital identity was a great encouragement, but time moved me away from the subject. While I don't expect this weblog to have the same uptake on subject authority that blogging digital identity did, I really look forward to having a space for engaging in public dialogue.
I forget exactly whom (and Google is of no help), but an early Microsoft blogger formulated something along the lines of that the true power of weblogs is reaching all those whom you did not expect to reach.


Posted by Nikolaj Nyholm at February 14, 2005 12:39 PM

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