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March 13, 2005

WiFi 10k

We just flew off the coast of Norway, heading Northwest towards Iceland and Greenland. Morten just called me on Skype and we had enough of a conversation to annoy a fellow passenger. He (the passenger) is downing whiskies now (hey - it's past noon back on CET), so he'll be quiet soon.

I'm en route to Chicago with SAS, connected for the second time through the Connexion by Boeing WiFi service.
My first experience was on a Lufthansa trial flight back more than a year and a half ago from Frankfurt to Washington DC. I had gone out of my way to connect via Frankfurt even though SAS flies daily direct CPH-IAD. The connection was abysmal and I gave up after the first hour to instead prepare my presentation at Werbach/Pulver's Supernova.
This time around the connection is superb. The crew announced that one access point is down, but whereever the other is, the connectivity is high and latency low enough to make a bearable Skype call.

Now work; booking Mex dinner i San Diego with Errikos; Doc for drinks; and following up on the kids at home... Magic!

Update (for Clay): After I first blogged this post, I got on Skype with my two-year old, Louis. Louis loves IM -- we send eachother icons ("More airplane, more airplane, dad!") while laughing, clapping our hands or making machine noises.

Soon he had the Pippi Longstocking game running and wanted to play the puzzle. Without questioning my ability to participate he asked "dad, where does this piece go?".
Fumbling for an answer I asked his mother to enable remote desktop sharing and there I was helping him lay the puzzle while speaking over Skype.

To put a final spin to the story, his mom soon had to go buy some groceries (just around the corner). But Louis didn't want to go ("I want to stay with dad"). As I'd be able to call or SMS her instantly should something go wrong, I was left inflight 10k above Greenland babysitting my boy at home. I wonder what will happen on the way home...

Posted by Nikolaj Nyholm at March 13, 2005 12:01 PM

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