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August 17, 2005

"European Practical Visionaries Unite"... in the US

Update: Back from an extremely inspiring trip. A few photos over at 23people and a small video of Dan Kaminsky on a Segway.

pk-visa.jpgI'm sitting in Copenhagen Airport outbound on a five-day journey that will take me to first New York and since San Francisco and a hike north to Sebastopol for O'Reilly's Foo Camp.
I'm not particularly looking forward to US Immigrations, considering that I since last time over have managed to get a nice shiny multiple-entry visa for Pakistan, and as the main purpose of my trip (business or pleasure?) is to go camping with a bunch of geeks. I am, however, happy as long as I fare just a bit better than David HH's notorious attempt to try to explain open source to US Immigrations.

Yesterday, I was discussing with my colleague Andrew about what a paradox it is, that the US - despite the recent harrassment of all foreigners - to such a high degree still serves as a hub for communication between people across Europe. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with a friend from Copenhagen whom I've been unable to sync calendars with for the past three weeks, in the afternoon I'm meeting a friend from London, and at O'Reilly I'll be seeing a couple of other European friends.
I did a very unscientific analysis of random relations through LinkedIn, and indeed most cross-border connections to fellow Europeans seem to happen through a US intermediary.

To this extent I was actually disappointed to have to go to Sebastopol this year, as EuroFoo last August in Enschede (The Netherlands) gave me the opportunity to meet a great crowd of fellow Europeans. This year's Reboot fared equally, uniting "Practical European Visionaries" (oh yes, and a few North Americans too).

Posted by Nikolaj Nyholm at August 17, 2005 06:28 AM

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Let me know when you're in NYC... I could give you some good coffee picks here in Manhattan.

(I'll be in Copenhagen soon enough, though - get in touch if you'd like... mark at goodexperience dot com)

Posted by: Mark Hurst at August 17, 2005 10:07 PM

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