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August 31, 2005

Kiko - your next calendar

At FooCamp I met the two young founders of Kiko, an Odio.us compliant webbased calendar with tons of AJAX and drag-and-drop. An Oddpost for calendars. You can add me to your own contacts through my email address nikolaj {at} the name of this website (as usual).

Kiko was funded (for the summer) through Paul Graham's interesting YCombinator Summer Founders program. Aaron Schwartz, who also received funding through the Summer Founders program for his "startup building a new way to share information over the Web", has recorded his impressions so far.

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August 17, 2005

"European Practical Visionaries Unite"... in the US

Update: Back from an extremely inspiring trip. A few photos over at 23people and a small video of Dan Kaminsky on a Segway.

pk-visa.jpgI'm sitting in Copenhagen Airport outbound on a five-day journey that will take me to first New York and since San Francisco and a hike north to Sebastopol for O'Reilly's Foo Camp.
I'm not particularly looking forward to US Immigrations, considering that I since last time over have managed to get a nice shiny multiple-entry visa for Pakistan, and as the main purpose of my trip (business or pleasure?) is to go camping with a bunch of geeks. I am, however, happy as long as I fare just a bit better than David HH's notorious attempt to try to explain open source to US Immigrations.

Yesterday, I was discussing with my colleague Andrew about what a paradox it is, that the US - despite the recent harrassment of all foreigners - to such a high degree still serves as a hub for communication between people across Europe. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with a friend from Copenhagen whom I've been unable to sync calendars with for the past three weeks, in the afternoon I'm meeting a friend from London, and at O'Reilly I'll be seeing a couple of other European friends.
I did a very unscientific analysis of random relations through LinkedIn, and indeed most cross-border connections to fellow Europeans seem to happen through a US intermediary.

To this extent I was actually disappointed to have to go to Sebastopol this year, as EuroFoo last August in Enschede (The Netherlands) gave me the opportunity to meet a great crowd of fellow Europeans. This year's Reboot fared equally, uniting "Practical European Visionaries" (oh yes, and a few North Americans too).

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August 08, 2005

From feathers to fools

It's just plain fun to see how everybody's current-favourite hype object, Skype, fares these days in news and media. Robert X. Cringely's entertaining, but plainly imaginary, PBS post on the $3 billion sale of Skype to Robert Murdoch has suddenly gone from fiction to fact with The Sunday Times, Reuters and a slew of other 'serious' news reports "quoting anonymous sources". My ass.
Sure, the interest from Murdoch and the price is no doubt possible, but it's scary how poor a job the news reports do at researching their material. Baaah.

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Living through tags

Pollas is in Berlin and is using Del.icio.us and Technorati tag feeds as a real-time guide to the city.

I've been doing much the same over the past year or so using Technorati search and Flickr tags, most recently in Islamabad (work) and Ystad (vacation). Save full-fledged geo-location support on posts and photos, it allows me, as life-long sailer and traveller Troels Kløvedal explained on his trip up China's Yangtze river, to quickly "explore the context of people living in or travelling to a location."

In Islamabad there was in particular two striking posts; First, Bernie Goldbach's transcription from his father's diary 1950s diary account how he "flew into Islamabad every month with an airevac crew and transported mujadeen holy warriors from Pakistan to surgery wards in the Philippines and Hawaii" gave me geo-political context like no newspaper article has. Secondly, the Tranquilo Traveller's account and striking photos from the Himalayan foothills has made certain that I will be back in Pakistan again.

I have, however, found that subscribing to feeds in large cities like London, New York or even tiny Copenhagen simply produces an information-glut; the Berlin feed for example right now has 20 entries in the latest 55 minutes, more than I can consume. One obvious possibility is of course to subscribe to multiple tags combined, just like I already am subscribed to copenhagen+jazz at Technorati and copenhagen+streetart on Flickr.

New (temporary) subscriptions today: vesterbro (well, I'll keep that one permanent), foocamp, "new york"+"september 18" (classydee and morten - we better get going), and sebastopol.

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August 04, 2005

Griffin til Mikkelsen: "Are you a real politician"

Selv små gamle mænd med hurtige saxofonakkorder genkender en faux når de ser en:

Are you a real politician?

(Johhny Griffin til Brian Mikkelsen i filmen 'Between a Smile and a Tear')

ps. Skynd dig i Grand eller Dagmar hvis du har bare den mindste kærlighed til jazz.

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