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September 29, 2005

Goodbye Microsoft Office

Goodbye Office. Hello JotspotLive!

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Classy goes Vega(s)

Poetry SlamOnsdag aften, Ideal Bar og første etape af Poetry Slams Copenhagen Open. Claus Dahl lægger hårdt ud som topscorer af første runde med sin suværene Fucking lorte DSB (Quicktime), men overvurderer publikums evne til at lytte jo længere aftenen skrider frem. Anden og tredje rundes mere subtile slams fænger ikke og tilskuernes scorecards ender med at give Claus en tredjeplads.

Ved udgangen kommenterer en tilhører stille at Jacob Hallgrens pinlige komik gør Clement Kjersgaard lytbar.

Bonustrack: Ole Perregaards dotdk slam går rent ind og kommer forhåbentlig snart som pausemusik hos Speednames.

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September 21, 2005

Why airline codesharing sucks

I'll be heading stateside early October, hopefully with a visit to O'Reilly's Web2.0 conference. Ticket booking was a bit hurried yesterday but I opted for SAS due to inflight Wi-Fi and because the price was right.
Today I checked the actual itenary and of course, the first leg to the US is operated as codeshare flight in cooperation with United Airlines. No ip - this is outright deceitful to geeks like me.

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Ohhh, Clodauuiua

William Gibson has been looking into Dutch female names prior to year 1100:

I was looking through a list of women's names today, Dutch, all prior to the year 1100:


Once you see the name Crapahildis it sort of sticks with you, doesn't it? And think of all the men who cried out "Clodauuiua!" with utmost longing.

I love the Dutch.

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September 20, 2005

22C3 - Private Investigations (Berlin Dec 27- 30)

Last year between Christmas and New Year Claus, Thomas, Simon, and I headed south to 21C3, CCC's annual Congress, and Europe's longest standing conference of it's kind.
It was a great trip (sadly my first and only to hip Berlin) with lots of old and new faces, and an impressive number of sessions, albeit most of very varying quality.

The tagline this year is Private Investigations, and Tim & co have extended the schedule by one day. I'm hoping to make this a Christmas tradition, adding brain fodder to Christmas fodder, and booked my ticket already yesterday for a total of €70:

Dec. 27 14:50 - 15:45 (DM 395)
CPH (Copenhagen) - TXL (Berlin Tegel)

Dec. 29 SXF - CPH (EZ 4553)
SXF (Berlin Schoenefeld) - CPH (Copenhagen)

See you there!

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September 16, 2005

Skype Marketplace

Skype's announcement of their Voice Services Program has, for good reason, almost drowned (only seven references in Technorati as of time of posting) in the eBay acquisition news.
While the rationale for eBay's acquisition of Skype is plentiful, the Voice Services Program creates a marketplace most directly duplicating eBay's mainstay business, and should therefore not be discounted as one of the biggest motivations for eBay's move.

The only thing that bothers me with Skype's new program, is that it doesn't just choose simple. Why should a small-time translator who wants to earn a quick buck on assisting on a voice conference, have to review partner platform and terms, develop a service on someone else's development platform and finally hope that it is actually approved?
To me, simple is switching on a Skype account option of receiving 1-900 premium calls, setting my per-minute price, and start accrueing a balance until I ask for payout (via Paypal, of course). Skype would accrue an enormous positive cash-flow on the float (assuming I can't ask for payout below €20 or so) and have a new product with margins far outperforming those of SkypeOut and more closely resembling those of Google Adwords.

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