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October 13, 2005

Aresa - helping make a difference

(Update: Pictures from press briefing uploaded)

About three years ago Morten Lund and I agreed that it was probably safest for our friendship not to get involved in any projects together. About six months ago we broke that agreement, and one outcome has been a mutual involvement in Aresa Biodetection.
Aresa's mainstay is a genetically modified Thale Cress that can change colour from green to red when exposed to specific compounds, like toxins or explosives, highly useful for detection and clean-up of polluted soil and life-critical detection of land mines.

While neither Morten nor I can claim any particular insight into biotech, we were both magically drawn to this project. Why was really quite simple: it's a dream about making a difference.
Only this January on a vacation in Laos, I was stunned and hurt by learning the latest figures from UXO, the United Nations mine-removal program:in 2004 unexploded bombs and mines from the Vietnam War (30+ years back!) claimed 192 lives, while injuring and disabling hundreds more.

Being a part of Aresa is our small contribution to attempting solve significant issues that fatally impact many people. Aresa is not the cure to the wars and ails of this world, but a potential significant step in helping us clean up after ourselves. We are humbled by the task at hand but I truly feel honored that I'm able to help in some little way.

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Posted by Nikolaj Nyholm at October 13, 2005 11:22 PM

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