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September 02, 2006

Back to Mac

Unlike my fellow alpha geeks, I've long resisted a switch to Mac. Windows held my desktop in it's grips for way too long until I finally switched to Linux (Ubuntu) 18 months ago. The switch to Ubuntu was as much a motivated by a test to force myself to run all core applications in the browser, as it was a general displeasure with the bi-annual reinstalls of Windows. Add a dash of vanity of not wanting to become a latecomer to switching to Mac and Ubuntu was the easy (uhm, only) choice.

The first weeks with Ubuntu was a mixed pleasure with central nomad functionality like suspend/hibernate and Wi-Fi networking not working as intended, but an (automatic) kernel update and Redhat's Network Manager put a quick fix to that. However, I was admittedly still spending between 5 and 10 minutes more a day on nuisances than I was on Windows, something I was slow to admit.

The big break came last Tuesday when Ubuntu sent out an update to Xserver (the desktop GUI) which crashed the system. The fix was easy but slow to appear so I wasted a couple of painful hours trying to remedy. By late afternoon I had to dash downtown to pick up a late wedding present for a friend and nothing seemed more convenient than to stop by for a glossy black MacBook.

As everyione in sight has told me I should have done this years ago -- what a thrill! While akward at first the experience was easily comparable to programming my first HyperCard applications using HyperTalk in high school back in 1991. While 15 years have gone by Mac has finally claimed back my desktop.

Posted by Nikolaj Nyholm at September 2, 2006 08:41 PM

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