September 11, 2006

David Black Rails Workshop in Malmö (free)

As has already been mentioned elsewhere, Polar Rose will bring in Ruby on Rails guru David Alan Black for a free 1-day workshop in Malmö this coming Sunday, September 17.
More details including sign-up at Please pass this on to anyone who might have interest.

This will hopefully be the first in a series of workshops that we will host for the community. Other ideas and workshop candidates (due to costs, preferably from Europe or here on business) are welcome.

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April 12, 2006

How many buzzwords can you learn for €595?

How many buzzwords can you learn for €595? The otherwise great and admirable people from Innovate!Europe have launched Pitch!Camp which is difficult not to mock.

What you’ll learn:
  • How to develop and give your 90 second ‘elevator pitch’
  • How to refine your full company pitch for investors and partners
  • How to give a first-class 10 minute company pitch
  • How to design the ultimate slide presentation

I wish Mike and Chris would instead pour their energy into continuing the great work they've been doing in their Technology Entrepreneurship in Europe whitepaper.

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December 30, 2005

What I love about Berlin

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November 24, 2005

Weekend reading

Weekend reading: Eric von Hippel's Democratizing Innovation (available as web/PDF under Creative Commons license) in anticipation of his guest lecture this Monday at Copenhagen Business School. (I do hope the event is open to the public).

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Post-NEXT dinner

Update: Looks like we'll be 7- 8 people at Oak Room. Not sure about whether dinner will happen, however.

The NEXT 2005 program officially ends tomorrow at 15:30, early enough for all the corporates to spin their Audis up North. I have, however, been acquiring a profound taste for martinis and microbrew ales at the last couple of conferences I've been attending, and won't let this one disappoint (AT&T's reception at Web2.0 with Beluga and Stoli Martinis was refreshingly 1999ish).

Seriously. There is 1 (one!) break in the entire conference program, far from enough to do any real talking with likeminded. Again, most of the conference chatting will have to happen on #next2005 ( or afterwards.
As I tend to like faces I opt for afterwards and will be heading to The Oak Room at around 17:30 and hopefully on to dinner some two hours later or so.
Please come no matter whether you attended live, via videostream, or just feel like enjoying the company of others.

Comment below to sign up so we have a rough idea of how big a dinner table we'll need.

Bonus eventThomas will be soothing his hangovers in company with Storm and hopefully others, in a family outing to the NEXT exhibition sometime Saturday.

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NEXT 2005 videostream

For those unable to attend NEXT 2005 tomorrow, the good folks at InnovationLab have set up a real-time video stream. I'm especially looking forward to Aubrey de Grey and Dr. Dr. (sic) Norbert Streitz Jason Tester.

You'll have to come in person, however, to experience the great products on display in the exhibition, but at DKK 795 the conference is a bargain.

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November 07, 2005

Rails Going Stateside

Ruby on Rails wonder boy DavidHH is moving stateside to be closer to his partners at 37signals.

While we expect to see him back from time to other, Thomas, Lars, Martin, Guan and I, have arranged an open and informal meetup on Nov 14 to bid him farewell.

Come join us and leave a note on Lars' blog if you intend to do so.

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October 06, 2005

Mary Meeker - Web2.0?

Dotcom queen Mary Meeker is back in the limelight at the Web2.0 conference in San Francisco. Draw your own conclusions.

Bonus stat: Mary Meeker says that in Denmark more phone minutes go through VoIP than through landline.

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September 20, 2005

22C3 - Private Investigations (Berlin Dec 27- 30)

Last year between Christmas and New Year Claus, Thomas, Simon, and I headed south to 21C3, CCC's annual Congress, and Europe's longest standing conference of it's kind.
It was a great trip (sadly my first and only to hip Berlin) with lots of old and new faces, and an impressive number of sessions, albeit most of very varying quality.

The tagline this year is Private Investigations, and Tim & co have extended the schedule by one day. I'm hoping to make this a Christmas tradition, adding brain fodder to Christmas fodder, and booked my ticket already yesterday for a total of €70:

Dec. 27 14:50 - 15:45 (DM 395)
CPH (Copenhagen) - TXL (Berlin Tegel)

Dec. 29 SXF - CPH (EZ 4553)
SXF (Berlin Schoenefeld) - CPH (Copenhagen)

See you there!

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